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Works by Author - Charlotte (Johnson) Bennardo, '79

  • Suffolk LIfe, 1/9/80-11/5/80, various articles and photos.
  • Resolve Newsletter, "Reflections," Jul-Aug '96, and "Anniversary," Nov-Dec '97.
  • Happy Magazine, 1999, Quadrant View issue, pg 38, "A little Sport."
  • Courier-News (NJ), Editorials. 8/97, "Parenting Requires Patience, Not Spanking." 1/28/02, "Protestoers Need to Fianlly Grow Up." 9/24/03 "Reverends in Office Real Danger."
  • Star Ledger (NJ), 10/27/01, "Yes, We've made Mistakes, But-"
  • NJSociety of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Sprouts Newsletter, Fall, '04, "Unleash That Verb!". Spring '05 (Vol. 2, Issue 1), "How NOT to Alienate Your Critique Group,", Fall '05, "Attending Conferences: Stop with the Excuses!"
  •, June 27, '05, "The Greatest Fear."
  •, (co-publ/ed/auth) Fall '06 debut issue: "Jacqual," "Double, Double, Carve & Bubble!" and "Season of the Ditch."
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