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Works by Author - Warren R. Wrenner, '54

  • "Design a High Voltage Pulse Generator,' Electronic Design 15, pp. 66-69 (June 1967)
  • "Electron Beam Generatrix System Overcomes Design Obstacles,' Electromechanical Design. pp. 47-50 (September 1971)
  • "Laser Drilling PC Substrates,' Circuits Manufacturing. pp. 28-32 (May 1977)
  • "Generating Small Holes for IBM's New LSI Package Design', IPC Technical Review. 23, pp. 12-15 (December 1982)
  • "Large Multilayer Panel Drilling System,' IBM Journal of Res. Develop. 27, pp. 285-291 (May 1983)
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  • "Mechanical Processes.' Book chapter by John D. Larnerd and Warren R. Wrenner in "Principles of Electronic Packaging,' Copyright 1987, McGraw-Hill Book Company, by Donald P. Seraphim, Ronald Lasky, and Che-YuLi
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