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Information Literacy Instruction

The Morrisville State College Library information literacy program strives to help students and faculty develop compentencies essential to academic success and critcal to workplace information demands. Information literacy instruction helps students

  • Become familiar with library staff, facilities and services
  • Focus in on a project or research topic and define information needs
  • Find authoritative resources in the library's catalog, in library article and media databases, and on the Internet
  • Evaluate information sources and develop critical thinking skills
  • Document sources using MLA, APA or other formats
  • Present and use information ethically and legally 

The library offers information literacy instruction in two different formats: a one-credit college course (GNED 104) and instruction sessions integrated into ongoing courses.

GNED 104

Advisors are encouraged to recommend GNED 104 to students early in their college career as a means to transition student research, information finding and critical thinking skills to meet the demands of college-level course work and workplace expectations.

Faculty members are also encouraged to consider establishing a paired course option with GNED 104 to fully integrate information literacy skills into subject area content. Faculty-librarian collaboration on setting course learning goals, objectives and class learning activities can enrich student learning by making connections between course themes and effective information finding, critical evaluation, and synthesis.

Individual Library Instruction Sessions

Faculty may schedule individual library instruction sessions that focus on some specific aspect of information literacy or a course assignment. These classes are typically held in the library instruction room 110A, but the librarian may also visit course classrooms to hold instruction sessions.

Requests for library instruction sessions should be made at least two weeks in advance to allow time for the librarian and faculty member to develop appropriate learning objectives and activities for the session.

For More Information

To plan paired classes or schedule instruction sessions contact:

Amanda Babirad, Instructional Services Librarian

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