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Norwich Library
The Everett A. Gilmour Memorial Library is located on the Norwich Campus of Morrisville State College. Norwich Library Information


The Donald G. Butcher Library at Morrisville State College

Special Collections

The Morrisville State College library houses several special collections of rare or significant works.

Local History
Among the collections in the Morrisville State College library are local history resources, including Morrisville-area, regional, and state historical sources.

Lee Brown Coye Collection
The Morrisville State College library houses a large collection of work by artist Lee Brown Coye. Coye, who was born in Syracuse, New York and spent his entire life in the Central New York area, settled in Hamilton, New York, in 1959 when he went to work for Sculptura, a small company that reproduced antique sculptures. Moving to Hamilton allowed Coye to fulfill his ambition of returning to a small town and maintaining his own art studio.

Morrisville State College History & Images
A variety of historical photos of Morrisville State College are available in this collection, as well as historical information about the college.

Morrisville Authors
In partnership with the Alumni Office, the Morrisville State College library maintains an online list of college-affiliated authors, including information about their published works. Authors include current and past faculty and staff, as well as college alumni.